Hi, I am Piti Yindee. I’m a freelance artist who does graphic design, character design and character animation for indie a game studio.

Wuffle is my personal project that I want to do. Wuffle is a feel good comic series that should make you laugh out loud or it could brighten up your day and make you smile.

I’ve planned to make this comic and all the content here to be free for EVERYONE, if you like it please feel free to re-post, like, share or use it for whatever you want! Also feel free to give me credit if feel the need to. Sharing the love of Wuffle makes me happy already.

One thing I would ask you not to do is lie and say that you created Wuffle, lying is never good and if you do lie you will get caught sooner or later!

So, Enjoy the Series everyone!

-Piti Yindee
Creator of “Wuffle”