To my parents, my brother, and my sister for their continuing support.
To GinkgoSan, for all the love.
To Guts and Ryuji, for being a very good friends and super-strict editors for the comic.
To Leonard Kirke, for helping to write the scripts and for proofreading my weird English.
To Mik, for helping with the special watercolor backgrounds for the comic.
To Eddie “Teddy” Grant, for being a proofreader in the early years of Wuffle.
To El Ranno, for teaching me how to use Adobe InDesign for making the first two books.
To Kevin, for suggesting that I use Tumblr to spread the comic.
To Dai, Kokuhane, DomDozz, Kasidej, Chirenbo, Ben-Ben, Nyuudles, Seth Iova, CY, Orange Tavi, Tuler, Keke, Andy, Thomas Brooks, Ye Aung, Rhandi Fisher, Aunno, Iruka san, Platoon, MuMu, Momo, Dopple Ganger and BuBoo and many, many awesome artists for being my friends and always helping me.

And lastly, to all the fans who supported me and spread the word about Wuffle Comics. Keep reading and sharing!

Thank you very much, folks!


Editor : Guts

Comic Artist :Piti Yindee

Colorist and Background Artist :Mik

Script Writer and Proofreader : Leonard Kirke


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– Piti Yindee 2017