Happy Halloween, folks! ^^ I hope you like the special picture I made, Li’l Wuff is back <3 I apologize, but I can’t deliver a comic for October. I was having a busy time: I went to another province for a week, then I had to come back and go to Japan for the KemoKet comic event, then I got sick and etc. But I’m okay now, and ready to do the next comic!

And I have another Patreon update : I’ve decided to reduce the pledge option to $1+ only. There are several reasons, but mainly because I really want to focus on the comic and not have to worry about Patreon. It appears that there are scammers or even trolls that pledge high amounts of money without making any payment at the end of the month. This is hurting me because while the amount of money showing on my Patreon page might be high, I actually only get 50% of that amount. It’s discouraging and it could turn away actual supporters. All of this is just so that they can gain access to patron-only posts (which is “read the comic earlier”). I have to manually check the payment status of each patron and remove those fake pledges. It’s a very frustrating process which has made me feel bad for a while now.

For anyone who had pledged more than $1 from the last 2 months, I’m gonna make and deliver the reward to you after New Year’s Day 2016 (special books, posters, canvas). Now, you can change your pledge to be $1 only, but if you will stay with the same pledge amount to support Wuffle comics, I will really appreciate it and I want to say thank you very much for your support.

And that’s it, folks! Sorry that it’s a long post. See you in the next comic at the end of November!


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– Piti Yindee