And all the book has been shipped to all the backers! Phew, what a hard work XD But we did it! It might take around 2-3 weeks to reach to you, some place like Hawaii or Greece might take a bit longer since I have ship the book by over sea. But hopefully it won’t take that long since it almost Holiday season, I bet there must shipping a lot go and back during these weeks. The reward will ship separately after New year ^^


Year 2 was a year of change, for both myself and Wuffle. The comic switched from a four panel format to full pages with developed story lines. The font, drawing, and coloring styles have changed as well. I’ve learned a lot during Year 2 and I hope you enjoy the results.

To my parents, my brother, my sister, and to all my relatives for their continuing support.

To Gus and Ryuji, for being very good friends of mine and super-strict editors for the comics.

To Leonard Kirke, for being very patient while proofreading my weak English, as well as for sharing ideas for many comics, a special short story for this book, and for the Kermit and Miss Piggy hand puppets you shipped to me. They keep me smiling!

And to all the guest artists, including Mik Merfiller, Coffgirl, Chirenbo, Buboo, Shinywaka, P’Maitri, P’Vic, Dai, Wing Yudah, Galgard, Aunno, Andy, Kappy, Justin Vu, Seth Iova, and Ben-Ben, for taking the time to produce all this wonderful guest art!

Lastly, to all the fans who support me and spread the word about Wuffle Comics.


See you again in Wuffle Year 3, 2015! Keep reading and supporting the comic here at Patreon page.Thank you so much, folks!

– Piti Yindee