Hi-ho, folks! Sorry again for the long wait on the new comic.

I’d planned earlier that Wuffle Year 3 would make a come back this October. But many things happened in the past few months and it’s looking like I have to postpone the next season of Wuffle until sometime in 2015 instead.

It’s a good thing in the end. Thanks to Wuffle, my portfolio has really improved and it helped me get a job in drawing comics and other projects. I will spend the upcoming months working on other things and planning Wuffle Year 3 more carefully with my friend, our editor, Leonard Kirke, and the team.

I will update and post some pictures, (a preview of Year 3 and etc.) until the time when Wuffle and friends are back! ^3^

Thank you so much for reading, folks! <3

– Piti Yindee

– Proofread by Leonard Kirke