Copy from the Indiegogo campaign update here

Hello everyone! I’m really sorry for the lack of recent updates. Many things have happened since the first day of August.

In short, I have a health issue from working too hard but I’m recovering bit by bit now (less work, more exercise!) and my PC crashed. Some of the files are broken. I can recover some of them but there are a couple big files (the Robin Wuff comic is one of them, unfortunately) that are totally broken and I have to redo them again.

But that was weeks ago. Now I’ve redone, recovered, and finished most of the files for the book. Here’s a preview of the Robin Wuff comic, and a special short story called “There’s Something About Foxxo” by our editor and proofreader, Leonard Kirke, with illustrations by Wing Yudah.


With all the extra content, the book is now almost 300 pages long! XD I’m still wondering if I should include some of the deleted comics and behind-the-scenes comics as a bonus too?

But anyhow, thank you so much for being patient and I’m really sorry again for the delay.


– Piti Yindee