∙ Wuffle next episode will be post on 31 January 2014.

∙ The comic will be officially 2 years anniversary on 14 February <3

∙ February comic is the final comic of this season.

∙ After that I’ll open a campaign to make Wuffle Book Vol 2. ^^

∙ Wuffle book 1 pdf version will be release for free on Valentine’s Day.

∙ For physical version, get Wuffle Book 1 here Click

∙ I might take a break after the end of Season 2 for 1-2 months, to do some other projects, and more research to make Wuffle comic better.

∙ Sad news for me. There are a protest right now, here in Thailand. And they said they gonna shut down the Bangkok, starting on this Monday and we don’t know when they’ll stop…

∙ But I’ll keep drawing! No matter what!

∙ The End ^3^ Thank you for reading and stay healthy!