Back to traditional <3

I was having an art blocked for like, 4 years, before I start doing a freelance graphic job and Wuffle. During that time I can’t draw on paper, at all. All I can do is using tablet and program to draw and painted because my traditional drawing skills was very very bad at that time. And by using Photoshop or other painting tools allowed me to undo, redo, fixing things easily. Too easy that it make my drawing skills even worse.

When I try to recover by drawing on a paper last year, I can’t even decided the position or where should I start, my hand was stop there on a blank paper. And when I try to draw something, I can’t push the pressure like before, the pressure sensitivity of tablet was spoiling me that I don’t have to push hard and it can make a good, smooth line by it self. But I still try and practice my best to do a good drawing on paper again, until the very last few weeks, that I finally recover my hand drawing skills.

And I wanna show you what is it looks like to be back and draw on paper again <3 It faster, more fun than the digital. Yes, you can’t undo or redo, or decreasing and increasing the size, move the position if something wrong. You only have one chance but that’s not a bad thing at all. <3

Well, enough for my Engrish flash back story XD This is the preview of Wuffle’s Halloween special comic at the end of this month. Enjoy!


– Piti Yindee