Technique : Oil pastel and pencil color on canvas.

See the behind the scene here : CLICK

This work is made for the Thai Illurtration Exhibition 3.
I will go join them in showing Wuffle Comics and selling Wuffle comics book there (After that I will open for pre-order worldwide!)

This canvas is aprt of the exhibition, every artist need to do atleast 1 canvas to show the audience.

I haven’t touch any traditional tools for many many years. And this is a very first oil pastel painting since I was in pre-high school (almost 15 years!) and I missed it, I missed the feeling of the fresh pastel on canvas. The feeling that you only have one chance to paint and you can’t undo. You hand will be dirty with a lot of fresh color. The smell of the pastel…

Now you can expected more of the traditional art from me! >: D

– Piti Yindee