Hello everyone!

This April, I have to go back to my hometown and stay with my family for a little while. So I think it’s a good chance for me to think about what to do with the 2nd season of Wuffle Comic.

To be honest, I’m still new to this 4-panel comic strip style, and I can’t really say I’m good at it yet. As you can see from my special comics such as Astro Wulf and Wuffle Christmas special, a full comic style is what I’m used to.

When I started Wuffle, I decided to go for  4-panel comic style, both to experiment, and because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to draw a full manga style as a weekly comic. However, after one year, I’ve realized that 4 panels aren’t just enough for me. There’s so much I want to tell and so much to explore in Wuffle’s world!

Thanks to everyone who has shown me your support as well as the success of Wuffle Comic Year 1 Indiegogo campaign, I think it’s time to take Wuffle Comic to the next level. Wuffle will become a full comic, and short gag will be in a 4-panel style.

However, in order to this, I need sometime to plan and think of all the episodes I want to draw this year. Therefore, I’d like to announce that Wuffle Comic will take a two months break. We’ll be back in June with a new look, and new characters!

This doesn’t mean I’ll leave the site empty for two months. I’ll be updating the status of the book, as well as a sneak peek of the new Wuffle Comic. ^^

You can follow the news and update by the links below

Support the artist : www.wufflecomics.com/support

That’s all folks, see you in June 2013!
– Piti Yindee