Hello everyone! The campaign has come to an end! Thank you to all the backers who supported me, so much that we have reached 200% of our original goal!

Click :http://indiegogo.com/wuffleyear1: to go the the campaign page.

I’ll be checking all the backer names to make sure that they are all in the book. I’ll also get in touch with backers who get original sketch and comic reward.
For those who get to request a sketch from me, I’ve sent you an email asking for the sketch detail, please answer the email so I can start working on them ^ ^

Also, you can still buy the book after the campaign is over. After I print the books and send them to all the backers, the rest will be available on Wuffle official website.
However, they will be no posters, post cards and your name won’t be listed as a backer in the book.

– Piti Yindee