Campaign page : WUFFLE, The Big Nice Wolf : Year 1

“We’ve reached the goal but the campaign is still on.
For those who want the book, you can still make a contributions until the campaign end (40 days left)” 

I’m happy to announce that Wuffle the Big Heart Wolf : Year 1 is going to be printed! We’ve reached our goal!
You can still make a contributions until the campaign end ^^

Thank you, everyone for help making this come true. This is not just about Wuffle, but it’s also about showing that you don’t need copyrights to succeed.

For those who don’t know, Wuffle is licensed under CC-0, which is as close to Public Domain as the current copyrights law allow.

What does this mean? It means that you can do whatever you want with it. You can print the book and put it on your store and sell it yourself without having to split the profit with me, the creator. It means that anyone can print pictures they found on Wuffle website, put it on merchandise and sell them. It means that someone can take the idea of Wuffle and make a derivative work out of it.

I really hope that Wuffle can help show artists that there are alternative ways to make money from your creative works. There are ways that make you less worry about controlling what people can do with your work, and focus more on actually producing what you love.

“Piracy is not your enemy, obscurity is.” – Tim O’Reilly

– Piti Yindee, Thongrop Rodsavas