Hiho everyone ^^ Welcome to the first report of 2013 >:3
and like the headline said, something might change in the 2nd year of Wuffle Comics

– About Wuffle’s book from this journal : Wuffle Book on IndieGogo
I have to be honest to you guys, the book price might be a bit high, but not too high XD don’t worry. Since it will included world wide shipping cost (producing and shipping from Thailand). For those who order, your name will be in the book, and my hand signed on the book, specially for you. I’ll start the campaign soon, we’ll see how it goes ^^

– For those who can’t afford the book, you can download the digital version for free. You can print it and make a physical book by yourself if you want to. For more information of what you can do with Wuffle, see : Wuffle Free License

– I might draw 2 pages per week after the 14th of February. According to last year we have some mini story arc along with some random 1 page gag. Some arcs were long, so posting 1 page per week take very long time to finish. For example, Debbita introduction arc was 9 pages long and took almost 2 months. Still, this depends on how successful the book version is. If I make enough from it, then I’ll be able to spend more time on Wuffle.

– I want to reduce my workload on uploading the comic. Currently we have Facebook, Tumblr, Pixiv, Deviant Art, Fur Affinity, and Wuffle’s official website. There is no way for me to upload to everything at once so I have to upload on each site, one by one. I haven’t decided which site I won’t upload a comic to yet, but it will be replaced by a single panel promotional picture linking back to the official website.

– And last but not least, someone made a Wuffle’s role playing tumblr account! : Fix-It-Up Wuffle!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

– Piti Yindee